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Audio Branding: Use Voice Overs to Brand your Business and Customers will subconsciously remember you!

Consistent audio messaging can translate into consistent customer buying.


Save $800 Every Month!

Normally one :60 local voiceover costs $100. BUT, during this special offer you get 8 VO's every month for not $1000, but just $199! That's 80% off!


Use Voice Overs in Your Local Business Month after Month

Utilize a professional voice to brand your business, like your...

  • IVR Phone System / Voicemail
  • Business Videos
  • Podcast Intros, Outros, Bumpers
  • Radio, TV, Web Ads
  • YouTube Channel

What do your get?

VO when you need it... without the wait or hassle.

  • On Demand Voice Overs returned within 24 hours or less - guaranteed!
  • 2 VOs per Week (up to 2 minutes total, usually 2 :60 reads)
  • Complete usage rights in your local market.

Full Production Add-On When Needed

All voiceovers are delivered dry (voice only) but when you need a fully produced project we offer an easy upgrade. This is for those who want:

  • Music added
  • Sound Effects added
  • Copywriting help
  • Ready to Go Fully Produced Audio with all the bells and whistles!

Don't overlook Audio! It should be an important part to your overall marketing and branding mix!

Maximize your audio marketing needs!

  • Sound Design is as crucial and Visual Design.
  • Stay uniform across all audio messaging
  • Generate more sales thru the power of sound

Need A Wedding Proposal or Pregnancy Announcement Trailer VoiceOver?

I've got a special link for that 👇


  • Utilize a professional Hollywood Style Pro Voice Actor for your Wedding Announcement or Pregnancy Reveal
  • Get more followers on TikTok and Instagram
  • Stand out and make a very professional and incredibly fun impression
  • Just go HERE: buckmediaworks.com/trailer-voiceovers

"You're going to love the benefits of having an on-demand professional voice artist for all of your business's audio branding needs!"

Jamie Buck,
Owner, JamieBuckVoiceOvers (since 2006)

With Audio Branding you'll now have a consistent sound across all of your media. This will trigger prospects and customers to instantly recognize and remember your business.

Convert website traffic to sales with a consistent voice across all platforms.

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